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Portable Digital Wireless Tour Guide System

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Portable Digital Wireless Tour Guide System Smart Wireless Audio Headset Receiver Application Museum,artgallery,library,enterpriseexhibitionhall,internationalexhibitionandtheplaceofguidefortour Theintroductionofproductorpublicity,serviceocc
 Portable Digital Wireless  Tour Guide System
Smart Wireless Audio Headset Receiver

Museum, art gallery, library, enterprise exhibition hall, international exhibition and the place of guide for tour
The introduction of product or publicity, service occasion
Visit of factory for high noise pollution
Team explanation of tour scenery spot for tour group
Small appearance, comfortable to adorn with light weight .


1,Headphones and receiver of integrated design,Combination of practical and aesthetics.
2,Operating frequency:2.4000GHz-2.4835GHz
3,Transmission distance is up to 80 meters.
4,The capability of Wireless anti-jamming is stronger,Channel number more than 99,easier to use for teamwork.
5,The size of receiver :the volume and weight as small as poosible.
6,Continuously working for 4 to 6 hours.
7.Equipped with a replaceable disposable hooks and earplugs,convenient and health.
8,With volume buttons,easy to adjust the volume at any time.
9.With indication function of switch.