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RF Wireless Audio Module for Multi-media Classroom Solution

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Applicable for manufacturers matching with whiteboard & multimedia machine
Applicable for manufacturers matching with whiteboard & multimedia machine
Shaving Wireless Microphone

Tipical Model: SOYO-WTG07

※ The minimum size of Soyo products.
※ Powered by rechargeable Li-Battery.
※ Embedded Charge circuit with USB interface.      
※ Channel and volume adjustment function.
※ Supporting two types microphone input: external microphone and internal microphone.
※ Supporting Power point page up and down, with USB dongle.
※ Supporting Low power consumption for a wide range of input voltage.
※ Supporting fixed ID working mode, point to point and point to multi-point, automatic scan channel function to avoid interference easily.
※ Audio muting function when receiving weak signals or no signals.
※ Capable of being simultaneously used for over 100 classrooms and never crosstalk!
Wireless Embedded Audio Module

Tipical Model: SOYO-WM24G02

※ Frequency: 2400-2483MHz.
※ Frequency response: 20-20KHz.
※ Modulation: GFSK.
※ Low latency: less than 0.5ms.
※ Low power consumption.
※ Mute function on weak signal or no signal.
※ Scanning channels and pairing with wireless microphone automatically.
※ Ultra size and highly integrated, flexible embedded into classroom audio equipment.