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RF Wireless Classroom Loudspeaker System

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As a manufacturer located in China, Shenzhen, Soyo Technology offer 2.4G/5.8G RF digital wireless classroom audio system over 11 years: Solution 1: Wireless microphone + wireless speaker Solution 2: Wireless microphone + wireless amplifier +
This system including one wireless microphone (for teacher), pairing working with wireless loudspeaker (for classroom), applicable for School/Church/Classroom without installing Multi-media Classroom Loudspeaker or Classroom PA System.
RF Wireless Teacher Microphones 

Tipical Model: SOYO-WTG07

※ Portable handheld type, support belt-clip and neck-hanging.
※ Powered by rechargeable Li-Battery. (continually working over 8 hours)
※ Embedded Charge circuit with USB interface.
※ LCD screen shows channel, volume, power and charging status.
※ Supporting both internal and external microphone input.
※ Noise elimination circuit eliminating noise of switching on power on/off.
※ Build-in Laser pointer.
※ Build-in double high sensitivity internal microphone, satisfying on voice pickup.
※ Supporting MP3 playing music files.
※ Mute function automatically when no signal and week signal.
※ Unique PPT Page up and down function, best partner with projector, multi-media classroom screens for demonstration.
※ Unique belt-clip design, convenient for teacher to neck hanging with hand-free.
※ Strong in anti-interference, supporting over 100 classrooms using simultaneously and never crosstalk.
RF Digital wireless Loudspeaker:

Tipical Model: TP-WSD02

※ 60 Watt power output.
※ Supporting wireless microphone, microphone input, stereo line in and public broadcast audio input (70V~110V).
※ Individual volume control for wireless microphone.
※ Individual volume control for wire microphone input.
※ Individual volume control for stereo line in.
※ Automatically pairing with wireless microphone, pairing time less than 1 second.
※ Widely applicable for church sound, classroom audio and museum PA system, etc.


As a manufacturer located in China, Shenzhen, Soyo Technology offer 2.4G/5.8G RF digital wireless classroom audio system over 11 years:
   Solution 1: Wireless microphone + wireless speaker
   Solution 2: Wireless microphone + wireless amplifier + speaker (passive)
   Solution 3: Wireless microphone + wireless receiver (connecting your amplifier, projector or active speaker

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